Chinese Visa Application: Changes in 2013

Modified: 2016-08-22

This page summarize the major changes in Chinese visa application that will affect your visa application as a person with no family tie with China, effevtive September 1, 2013. If you or any of your family member was born in China, we ask you to visit the corresponding page in Chinese to get more relevent information.

Q: What are the major changes?

A: Actually there are not many changes for ordinary visitors, compared to current policy.

  • Business visa type is changed from F to M. But who cares about the name!
  • Family visit visa (Q1, Q2) is now separated from tourist visa (L). Again, there is no real change as general American is concerned other than the name.
  • Newly created S1 and S2 (private visit) for visiting someone in your family who is studying, working in China, or for other private matters, like medical treatment, law suit, attending a wedding, etc.
  • For student visa, if the period of study is less than 180 days, you do not need a JW202 -- an enrollment letter is enough.
  • The supplemental visa application form V2011B is no longer needed.

Q: Are there any change in document requirement other than the name change?

A: There is no change in document requirement.

Created: 2013-08-31
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