About YWPW Chinese Visa Service

YWPW Services is a travel related service provider, registered in Texas. Currently our main services are online travel reservation, acting as an agent for customers obtaining Chinese visa and document authentication by mail, Houston local tour service, and travel information services. In 2008, we also started an online store for quality nutritional supplements from world class manufactures like Douglas Labs.

Our Chinese Visa Service was started by helping our friends applying for Chinese visa for free. Currently all our staff are part time. All of us have advanced degrees (MS, Ph.D, or MD), and some are professionals, engineers, and scientists. Making money is not our No. 1 concern -- we always put customer satisfaction first, just as if we are helping our own friends.

Over the years, we have developed excellent working relationship with the Chinese Consulate. Our professional handling earned their trust which in turn enables us to provide better service that you have been looking for.


  • By using our service, you do not need to come in person, or use your friend's valuable time.
  • Our easy online order form helps us speed-up the process and prevents error: we know immeadiately after you fill out the form, and will be waiting for the arrival of your application in the mail.
  • For return shipping, you may simply send us a prepaid return envelope, or choose one that fits your need best, from most cost effective to the fastest (overnight);
  • You may pay with credit card, money order, PayPal, or simply your personal check.

Secure, reliable, fast, and trackable

  • We developed a standard operating procedures and use advanced computer systems to process your order, which increases our efficiency, reduces or eliminates error.
  • We pre-screen your application and ask for supplemental material if necessary, saving you valuable time and money.
  • We keep all your personal information private and never release to third party unless needed to complete the service (see our Privacy policy).
  • We send you email updates at every stage, so that you know where your most important documents are and how your application is progressing.
  • We also provide online tracking by order ID, so that you can find out the status of your order yourself on our web site, at any time.
  • Since there is no delay in our processing, we keep your documents for a minimal time, which in turn minimizes error.

Most cost effective

  • Look no further, our service fee is among the lowest, but our service is among the best.
  • Our excellent service have earned us customers everywhere in US, even locally in Houston.
  • Imaging you live 30 minutes away from a Chinese Consulate, it may still take 3-5 hours to complete the whole process. We can save you at least 2-3 hours waiting in line and a day's time during the peak summer time.
  • Apply Chinese visa and document authentication through us, there is NO driving, NO waiting in line, and No hassle.

Let us take care of your Chinese visa and document authentication applications now! Trust us, just like others did! Look at what our customers are saying about our service!

"That was a very fast service and I really like the updates via email...."

"... Excellent communication. Very knowledgeble of Chinese Embassy paperwork processing...."

Your satisfaction is our top priority! Testimonials.