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Modified: 2016-08-01

If you are contacting us regarding the status of your order, please use online tracking.

Our computer system automatically sends emails to you when we receive your application, submit to the consulate, pickup and mail back to you. However, some customers do not receive our emails. Please add our email address to your contact list, check your spam folder. You may also use our online tracking tool to find out the status of your order. We update status during evening hours.

Please read information on web site before picking up the phone. Answers to 80% of the questions can be found in the Quick Answers table below.

I. Quick answers to your Chinese visa and authentication questions

How to apply? Follow the "step by step procedures".
What documents to send? Documents needed for Chinese visa Chinese
also see general visa information page, or document authentication.
Where to send application? Please make an online order first. We have two locations and the address will be determined based on information you enter and will be printed on the order confirmation page (and in the confirmation email you will receive).
(see How to apply: Step by step procedures).
How long? It takes 1-5 days for the consulate step (see FAQ or use travel planner to estimate time for getting documents back).
Secretary of State certification usually 10-15 days.
How reliable? Very relaible (see how we handle your document and testimonials from previous customers).
How to pay? Pay all fees in a single payment: money order (cashier's check), personal check (payable to "YWPW Services") or credit card, paypal (payment link, also see FAQ).
How much? Chinese visa: $140 + $99.96 per visa (US passport), $80 + $99.96 (Canadian passport), and from $30 + $99.96 (other);
Authentication: $25 (personal) or $50 (business) + $56.96 per document;
Return shipping: per order from $15 (FedEx) or $9 (USPS)
(see cost table, or use cost calculator)
Return shipping? Shipping cost is charged per order, not per passport. You either pay us and we take care of the rest (FedEx from $15 and USPS from $9), or you provide a prepaid return evenlope. Unless you have a FedEx or UPS account, you would not save money by providing a prepaid return envelope.
10-year multiple entry visa? Limited to US and Canadian passport holders. Non-US, non-Canadian passport holders normally get double entry -- 1-year or 2-year multiple may be issued to former Chinese citizens or applicants with Chinese tie.
Authentication? See information in English, or more targeted information in Chinese Chinese.

II. Mailing address

For sending passports/documents to YWPW

  • Please use address printed on your order confirmation page, as your application will go to different consulates depending on a number of factors (see How to apply: Step by step procedures for placing an order).
  • We do not accept applications without an order ID.

For general communication:

  • YWPW Services, 3307 Cotswald Trail, Pearland, TX 77584

III. Email address

  • visa @ ywpw . com (primary)
  • info @ ynptravel . com (secondary, don't send message to this email for normal communication)

IV. Phone number

  • 1-832-303-9878 (9:30 am - 6:30 pm US Central Time, Mon-Sat except holidays)
    Have difficulty reaching us by phone? Send us an email instead.
  • Please read information on web site before picking up the phone. We update our web site frequently, so there is no need to confirm things you already found on the web site, unless you have reasons to believe that the information was wrong. Answers to 85% of questions are in the Quick Answer table above or our main index page Chinese
  • There is no need to confirm a list of documents to mail. Use the list on our web site. Our stats indicate that people called to confirm are much more likely to miss something.
  • There is no need to confirm the total fees calculated on the order form or the cost calculator. We use that too. The mailing address printed on the order confirmation page is also correct.
  • There is no need to call if we received your visa application. We update status in the evening. If you suspect anything going wrong, email us instead.
  • Please do not call on pickup day if we picked up your visa. Why?
    1. We will update status with tracking information in the evening.
    2. We have a priority list for those close to their travel date and/or rush service, so we are already paying special attention to your visa application.
    3. If something goes wrong with an application (e.g. consulate requests additional documents, delay), our staff at the consulate will communicate with our office, which in turn will contact you by phone or email. If you don't get a call from us, then your application is processed normally and on schedule.
    4. If your application goes normally, we will not get a feedback, and thus could not give you a definite answer when you call. If we try to find it out for you, it would interrupt our normal work flow, which increases our chance of making mistakes.
    5. Our past experience tells us that following established procedures is the best way to reduce or eliminate mistakes, and to increase our overall quality of service. So relax and let us do our work.

    If you are still concerned, or just want to remind us, send us an email instead.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or need to contact us for any reason, you may email us directly, or fill out this form, we will get back to you quickly.

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