Questions and answers on 10-year multiple entry visa

Revised: 2016-08-07

On November 11, 2014, US and China reached agreement on 10-year multiple entry visa for business, tourist, family visit and study.

On March 9, 2015, similar agreement was reached between Canada and China.

So now US and Canadian citizens can apply for visa which is valid for a maximum of 10 years.

Q: What types of visa are included in the 10-year visa agreement?

A: USA: Tourist(L), business and trade (M), short-term family visit (Q2) or for private matters (S2) can get 10-year multiple entry visa. Study (X1) may get 5-year multiple entry visa.

Canada: Similar to US, but maximum length of visa does not go beyond passport expiration date.

Q: My passport will expire in 3 years, can I get a 10-year visa?

A: USA: YES. 10-year visa require that your passport has at least one of validity when you apply. After you get your new passport, you can bring both old and new passports together for your travel to China. Note the key information on the passports must agree.

Canada: NO. The visa will not go beyond your passport expiration date.

Q: What about the duration of stay for 10-year visa?

A: USA: Basically no change. It is still 60 days for business (M) and tourist (L), and may be 90 days if justified.

Please note: if you require longer stay (e.g. 90 ays), the consul may give you 90 days, but valid only for 2 years instead of 10 years.

Canada: Similar to US but more strictly enforced.

Q: Are there any changes in application documents?

A: NO, there is no change in documentation requirements as a result of 10 year visa. However, documentation may change over time, unrelated to 10-year visa, so check latest requirements on our web site.

Q: I am going to a scientific conference in China, can I get 10-year visa with an invitation letter from conference organizer?

A: NO. This belongs to "non-business" visit and it was not covered in the agreements. You will still be issued a 1-year multiple entry visa.

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