Chinese visa application form

I. Download Chinese visa application form

Please use only forms downloaded here -- forms downloaded from other web sites (including official consulate sites) may not be accepted by the Houston consulate or Chinese Embassy in Washington DC.

III. Instructions for Chinese visa application form

Please read and follow these instructions carefully!

  • Visa photo requirement: 2x2 inch, slightly smaller size is also fine.
  • Please read and follow these instructions carefully!
    We suggest that you read the instructions twice before you start filling out the form, and check agaist the instructions line by line after you print it out. We meant it! Over half of the forms we receive are not acceptable, some of them we can help to fix, but some applicants have to do it again and mail us the new forms!
  • If you read Chinese, you MUST go to the Chinese version -- it contains information specific to your group.
  • You will need to have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to open and fill the PDF forms properly. If for some reason the form does not work on your computer, mostly it is a software installation issue. Please do not waste time figuring out, please change to another computer, or ask a friend for help.
  • Download the form to your computer first, then open. Opening it directly from your browser may not work.
  • The visa application form and all supplemental documents must be printed single-sided-- failure to do so may cause delay to your application.
  • Forms may NOT be filled by hand with a pen: all fields must either be filled on a computer and printed, or typed using a type writer, the only exceptions are Chinese name (section 1.3), birth date (section 1.5), number of entries (section 2.2) and signature/date.
  • Please use only CAPITAL (upper case) letters -- even a single lower case letter may cause your application returned!
  • No changes/writtings in the fields by hand is allowed. This is strictly enforced! Don't take a chance. The only exceptions are signatures and dates in sections 4 or 5, 1.3, 1.5, and 2.2.
  • For fields not applicable to your situation in sections 1-3, put N/A or NONE. Do not leave any of the fields blank, including fields 3.6 and 3.7, otherwise your application may be returned.
  • Section 1.2, "Chinese name": put N/A unless you were a former Chinese citizen (including Hong Kong, Taiwan).
  • Section 1.5, "Birth date": on some computers it turns 00-00. If that happens to you, you may fill by hand with a pen.
  • Section 1.8, "Place of birth": must put at least state/province AND country.
  • Section 1.9, "Local ID": put your driver's license number (e.g. TX 1234567) -- for children, put N/A.
  • Section 1.13, must put country name, others are optional. For US passports, acceptable forms are "USA", "DEPT OF STATE, USA". Do not put the city/state where you applied your passport!
  • Section 1.15, "Current Occupation": For child before 1st grade, select "Other", then put "CHILD". If you checked "Businessperson" or "Company employee", please also check "Other (Please specify):", and specify the exact type of work you do (your job title, e.g. engineer, sales person).
  • Section 1.17, Name: use full name, do not use abbreviations. "Work address": if you do not have one, you may put "N/A" on the "Name" line. If "self employed" and work from home, you may put "SELF EMPLOYED" on the "Name" line.
  • Section 1.18, "Home address": this must be a US street address. No PO Box please.
  • Section 1.21, "Email address": for children, please use email of parent
  • Section 1.23, "Family members": If you are married, please do not put your parents' names. If you are not married, please put your parents and unmarried siblings. If you have no one to list, please explain (e.g. parent deceased). No need to put N/A on unused rows.
  • Section 2.2, "Intended number of entries": for 10-year visa, select "Other", then specify "10-YEAR". You may write by hand here.
  • Section 2.6, the address must include the street name. For tourist, please put your hotel address here. One city is fine. Leave other rows blank.
  • Section 2.8, if you do not have one, put N/A on first line; otherwise put name, complete address and telephone number. For tourists, just put "N/A" on first line.
  • Section 2.10: List all countries (other than China) you visited during last 12 months, e.g. "SEPT 2011, MEXICO, VACATION".
  • Section 3.6: put N/A if no explanation.
  • Section 3.7: put N/A or NONE if no explanation.
  • Section 3.8: put N/A in "Person 1" and "Full name". This situation does not exist for US applicants.
  • Signature section for minor (< 18), parent please fill out section 5 and sign there as parent.
    [Houston consulate] Please also sign and date in section 4 as parent.
    [Chinese Embassy in Washington DC] Please sign child's name in section 4, then put "(father or mother)" after the signature.
  • Section 5: If you are 18 and older, sign and date on section 4 -- there is no need to put N/A or NONE in section 5.

IV. Questions and Answers

Q: I am going China as a tourist and I am not invited by anyone, how do I fill out the contact information in boxes 4.7-4.10?

A: You may put "N/A". If you are on a tourist group, you may enter the organization that hosts you.

Q: Does the photo have to fit exactly into the box?

A: No, the size does not have to be exact. Also this photo does not have to be as formal as the one in your passport. You can take a picture of yourself using your digital camera and print in photo store (inkjet or laser printed photo not acceptable!). The best test is to put your finished photo in water. If it is still fine after that, then it is OK.

Q: am applying for a 10-year visa, but in box 2.2 (Intended Number of Entries), there is no check box for a 10-year visa. What should I do?

A: Check the box for "Other", then type "10-YEAR" in the space on the line.

Q: Is a multiple entry visa more difficult to get than a single entry visa?

A: For US citizens, the answer is NO in general. So we recommend that you apply for a 10-year multiple entry visa. However, if you intend to stay in China for more than 90 days, please apply for a single entry visa.

Non-US citizens can only apply for single, double entry or 1-year multiple entry visa in US.

Q: I left China more than 30 years ago, do I still need to provide my name in Chinese character?

A: YES. Chinese name is required if you were born in mainland China, Hong Kong or Taiwan, or had been issued a Chinese identity document before (e.g. passport, travel certificate). If you never had/used one and even do not know how to write it in Chinese, please attach a brief note with your application.

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