Testimonials: What customers are saying about our Chinese visa service 2013-2014

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LHI895***TAIEPI, TAIWANSun Dec 20, 0014 23:57
I have gotten my passport back with the Chinese visa. Thank you! I certainly will recommend your service to my friends.


ZQU969***Baton Rouge, Louisiana Dec 14, 2014 00:00
I have gotten my passport/visa.

Thank you for your great service.


LZI599***Athens, GeorgiaMon Dec 01, 2014 19:48
I have received the visa for me and my wife from you today and appreciate your great service.


WSG414***Palo Alto, CaliforniaSat Nov 29, 2014 01:00
I received the documents today. Thank you very much for your help. We are very satisfied with your effectively handling. We love your website. Lots of information.

Thank you so much.


HPU922***Shanghai, ShanghaiMon Nov 10, 2014 05:46
I reveived the document, it looks very good. Thanks very much.


BWS839***Louisville, KentuckySun Nov 09, 2014 24:27
Thank you so much. I recieved my visa yesterday.
I will definitely recommend you to anyone needing a Chinese Visa.


BWS839***Louisville, KentuckySun Nov 09, 2014 24:27
Thank you so much. I recieved my visa yesterday.
I will definitely recommend you to anyone needing a Chinese Visa.


DJS604***Pinellas Park, FloridaSat Oct 25, 2014 14:17
Dear YWPW,

I found your company on Yelp (, and am very happy that I did. I was very impressed with the quality of service that I received and will be sure to use your services in the near future! Great job!

Thank you,


HYG705***Columbia, South CarolinaTue Oct 21, 2014 05:46
I got it. Thank you so much!


CYN579***WHITE HALL, ARKANSASTue Oct 14, 2014 15:16
Excellent work!


ZJN320***Dalton, GeorgiaFri Oct 03, 2014 13:47
(Translated from Chinese) Passport received. Thank you for your good service. We will recommend more friends to your agency. Zan

KPH933***Pineville, LouisianaThu Sep 25, 2014 16:53
Thank you so much. We received them today. You were wonderful to work with!


CJG896***Plano, TexasTue Sep 16, 2014 15:23
We received our passports with new Visa!! Everything looks great. Thank you so much for your great work!!


HYU413***STATESBORO, GeorgiaThu Aug 28, 2014 14:02
We have received the passport with a two-year multi-entry visa. Job well do.
Thank you!


FDS733***Windermere, FloridaTue Aug 19, 2014 08:04

THANKS for exceeding our expectations in processing our China VISAs! You are truly fast, reliable, secure, provide prompt on line tracking, and have the lowest fees of other services! You are the best; highly recommend YWPW to all for your unsurpassed great service!



LZI583***McKinney, TexasSat Aug 16, 2014 10:07
You are awesome! We just received the passports in mail. Everything looks perfect. Thank you so much! We really appreciate all you have done for us!

Best regards,

LCI817***Gainesville, FloridaMon Aug 04, 2014 07:55
I have gotten my visa. Thank you for your efficient work!


MNI240***LITTLE ROCK, ArkansasTue Jul 22, 2014 18:37
Thanks for your great work.


SDG387***Tampa, FloridaSat Jul 19, 2014 08:14
Thank you. ... I'll recommend you to the people around me.


HJG843***Irving, TexasSat Jun 21, 2014 22:04
Hi YPWP Service,

I received my document today.

Thanks very much for your excellent service! I will certainly recommend you to my friends!


YKV898***Hoschton, GeorgiaFri Jun 13, 2014 11:49
... I got the documents. Thank you for your help you been very informative. We will recommend you to other people.

Best Regards,


MYO217***Oxford, MississippiSat Jun 07, 2014 10:15
Thank you! I definitely would like to recommend your business to my friends!

Have a good weekend!


ZEG347***Little Rock, ArkansasThu Jun 05, 2014 15:00
I received the documents today. Thank you for the help!


SRO474***Iowa City, IowaFri May 16, 2014 16:20
Passport with Chinese visa received. Thank you for your wonderful service.


CJG744***TALLAHASSEE, FloridaWed May 14, 2014 15:27
[YWPW note]: Leon used a prepaid envelope which caused some delivery issues at USPS...

Hi, We have finally received our passports today.

Thank you for your great service.


ZJG745***Baton Rouge, LouisianaThu Apr 24, 2014 20:33
Dear YWPW,

Thank you very much for your help. Yes, I am very satisfied with your effectively handling. Look forward to receiving the stuff you sent.


SHN880***Charlotte, North CarolinaWed Apr 02, 2014 20:37
Thank you so much.... If someone asks me about how to find an agent for applying visa, I will recommend ywpw to him or her.


XYA337***Starkville, MississippiSat Apr 05, 2014 15:55
Thank you very much for the service. I have received the passports today and am glad to recommend you to our friends.


ZYG197***Gainesville, FloridaFri Mar 28, 2014 19:53
Your service is very professional, we are very satisfied, and proud of you!


YGU699***HOMESTEAD, FLORIDAThu Mar 20, 2014 07:31
Thank you so much for your help! And have a nice day!

I will be let my friend know that your service was excellent! It's make more easy for us. Thank you again!


YWN828***Murfreesboro, TennesseeThu Mar 20, 2014 23:22
Received today. Very satisfied with your service and will recommend to my friends!

Thank you!

LJU590***GAINESVILLE, FloridaTue Mar 18, 2014 09:50
We have received the package from FedEx this morning (March 18, 2014). Thanks a lot.

We also appreciate your great service.

Thanks again. JW

LTI112***Jefferson, ArkansasMon Mar 17, 2014 15:40
Hi there,

I received the package today.

Thank you so much for your detailed instructions and meticulous effort!

Best wishes,

YRN549***Birmingham, AlabamaFri Mar 07, 2014 18:36
[Translated from Chinese] I already broadcasted your agency information in WeChat. Thank you very much for your express service. Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!!


ZYU956***Shanghai, ShanghaiThu Feb 27, 2014 19:13

Very very impressed with the service level.

Wish your business greater success!


HLR394***FAIRFAX, VirginiaMon Jan 20, 2014 08:20
Thanks so much! They delivered it at 4PM today—so fast.

MCY224***Viera, FloridaMon Feb 10, 2014 14:51
Received our passports today. Thank you very much!

.... Again thanks for getting this done for us.


HSE242***Nashville, TennesseeThu Jan 30, 2014 13:25

Thank you for all the detailed advice and patience to guide me through the Hong Kong Visa process. Your professionalism and attentive care really helped me to get my visa in the fastest way it possibly can be. Hope everything will go well!



PJE497***Boynton Beach, FloridaWed Jan 22, 2014 20:46
Thank you very much, good service.

[below translated from Chinese] I would feel uneasy if I do not express my appreciation to you after all you have done for us. Sincere thanks to you!


LTU730***Shreveport, LouisianaTue Jan 07, 2014 14:17

I just received the package you sent. Everything looks great!

Thank you so much for your service and all your help. We will work with you again in the future.


NRS536***Jackson, MississippiThu Jan 02, 2014 17:39
I have received passport! Thank you so much for your wonderful service!

ZHU277***Southlake, TexasTue Dec 17, 2013 15:32
Received passports today. Thank you very much!


LGU834***Allen, TexasFri Dec 13, 2013 09:17
Thank you very much, very good service. Hope more business with you again later.


WYU685***Statesboro, GeorgiaThu Dec 12, 2013 15:59
Thank you so much. I have already advertised your service to my chinese friends here. We will continue to use your service in the future.


HME714***Statesboro, GeorgiaThu Nov 28, 2013 01:43
Thanks, you are super!


TBG137***Shenzhen, GuangdongThu Nov 07, 2013 08:22
I received the documents yesterday. Thanks for your good service!


WJN172***McKinney, TexasWed Oct 23, 2013 13:22
Just letting you know I received my paperwork. Thank you very much!


LRI434***Birmingham, AlabamaMon Oct 21, 2013 09:19
Dear YWPW,

I got my new visa on Oct 19,2013. Thank you so much for your service.


WLN940***Xiamen, Fujian Fri Oct 11, 2013 06:25
Dear YWPW,

We got your FedEx documents already, great thanks!



ZLG775***TALLAHASSEE, FloridaWed Oct 02, 2013 23:11
Thank you for your excellent services. I certainly will recommend your services to my friends.


YLN989***Gainesville, FloridaSat Sep 14, 2013 13:15
Hello YWPW:

I am so pleased that I received my visa this morning.

Thank you and your team so very much to get me the visa right on time!

You will get my high recommendation to my friends.

God Bless you.


CQI660***BEIJING, BEIJINGThu Sep 12, 2013 09:12
Thank you so much for your great help. For sure that I will strongly recommend your service to my friends.

All the best,


XZU446***FORT WORTH, TexasMon Sep 09, 2013 23:26
I appreciate your work, it is the second time that you helped me to get my visa.


WZU708***Charlotte, N.cWed Sep 04, 2013 14:44
Thanks so much, I already got the passport with visa.


LXI892***Gainesville, FloridaTue Aug 27, 2013 17:08
Thank you very much!!


JJI671***Coral Gables, FloridaWed Jul 24, 2013 08:08
I just got the package. The USPS was not able to find it when I was there yesterday. I talked to their supervisor this morning. He found it at the end. The address is correct. USPS messed it up.

Thanks for the help and great work.

ZKA345***AUSTIN, TexasThu Aug 08, 2013 10:20
(YWPW to customer) The tracking indicates that your mail was not yet picked up by UPS. Please check.

Thank you for notifying me - the package was misplaced, but we have found it! ...


WYG397***Orem, UtahSat Aug 03, 2013 24:02
Dear YWPW, The passports have been received. Thank you for your good service....


KMM978***¶«Ý¸ÊÐ, ¹ã¶«Ê¡Fri Aug 02, 2013 06:47
Thank you YWPW. I received my documents. Thanks again!


ZJU813***Beaumont, TexasWed Jul 31, 2013 18:14
Thank you very much.


EJO431***Miami, FloridaThu Jul 11, 2013 18:47
Thank you a lot good job!


NJS780***Tomball, TexasSat Jul 06, 2013 21:23
Great thank you so much. You have been a great help to us.


BYU154***Fayetteville, ArkansasFri Jun 28, 2013 08:11
Thank you so much! Appreciate it!!!


SWH395***Corpus Christi, TexasFri Jun 07, 2013 15:26

Thank you very much for taking care of our passports, and helping us get our Chinese visas. We received them on Wednesday, and were very happy with your quick and reliable service. We have used your company many times, and always had great service. Thanks again for another great experience with what can be a VERY nervous time of putting your passports in the mail.

Thanks again,


JPG336***Columbus, GeorgiaThu Jun 06, 2013 22:05
Thank you for your excellent service.


WJG321***KISSIMMEE, FLORIDASat May 18, 2013 14:50
Received the mail. I really appreciate your fast, accurate, and reliable service. I am super satisfied with it. I will definitely recommend you to everyone need this kind of service.



WXU686***College Station, TexasSat May 11, 2013 23:33
I received my passport with the new visa. Thank you so much for your great service!


PYN872***AUBURN, ALABAMAWed May 08, 2013 21:11
We received our passports, thank you so much for all your help! You have a great day! Warmest reg,


ZJU437***Avon Park, FloridaFri Apr 12, 2013 21:26
Got it in today! I can't thank you enough for the outstanding service. I will tell all my friends need a visa about your company! Well done!!!


ZDN533***DeLand, FloridaThu Apr 04, 2013 22:09
Thank you for all your help on my 7 visa applications in past 5 years.


MCH611***Nokomis, FloridaWed Apr 03, 2013 13:46
Thank you so much for your expediency. My visa arrived yesterday. I will definitely recommend your services.



HLU841***Lilburn, GeorgiaSat Mar 30, 2013 14:42
Thank you very much for your help. I will recommend your service whenever I have the opportunity. [original in Chinese]


YFG402***SARASOTA, FloridaThu Mar 21, 2013 11:59
Thank you very much. I like your service.


ZQG666***Decatur, GeorgiaMon Mar 04, 2013 20:55
Took less than 10 days from mailing out my passport to receiving it back in the mail! This is my 3rd time using YWPW and you guys have always been super fast and reliable. Will continue to use and refer my family and friends.



CCG343***San Antonio, TexasMon Mar 04, 2013 24:37
Hi, we have received our passports. Very appreciate your excellent service and will be happy to recommend you to our friends.



ZLN553***Panama City Beach, FloridaSat Mar 02, 2013 13:12
Just want to say thank you! I received the visa back today - fast service at a very reasonable fee. Thank you for checking my application and found the problematic document, and contacted me right away. I will definitely use you in the future and recommend you to anyone.



MJN966***PLANO, TexasTue Feb 26, 2013 22:08
Thank you very much. Received visa at estimated time. Excellent service and inexpensive. Highly recommended and will definitely use your service again. Excellent communication. Very knowledgeble of Chinese Embassy paperwork processing. A+ sevice.


BJT677***HIALEAH, FloridaWed Feb 27, 2013 17:52
Passport received. Thank very much for your excellent, 5 star service! Many companies must learn from you!

I will highly recommend your services to everybody.


KRR194***Ocala, FloridaFri Feb 22, 2013 14:15
I just received our visas. The service was outstanding, and I wonder if you can help our friends who live in Washington state and other places in the USA.

I have recommended you to several neighbors, and I think at least one of them has sent you an application. She lives in FL, so I know you can help her. But, we have many friends throughout the USA.

Thanks again,


RLY151***Port Orange, FloridaThu Feb 21, 2013 24:26
Thank you so much! We received our passports and the correct Visas today. Now we can get excited about our upcoming trip to China. We learned about you through Cruise Critic and would highly recommend you to anyone that lives in the south and needs a Visa for China.

Thank you again for the great service!


SGN426***Helotes, TexasMon Feb 18, 2013 13:49
Dear YWPW,

The refund check of $15 was received with surprise.

Thanks for your help and professional management.

Best regards,


HDU708***BELLEVUE, WashingtonThu Jan 17, 2013 12:05
Got it this afternoon. Thanks!


FLG684***Baton Rouge, LouisianaThu Jan 10, 2013 10:04
Morning greetings! I've received the visa and other documents. Thank you for your good service.


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