Payments With a Credit Card

Why is there a transaction charge for credit card payments?

While using credit card gives customers convenience as well as an extra layer of security, it adds to our costs. Since our service fee is extremely low and it only accounts for a small portion of the money we collect (the majority goes to the consulate and shipping), we are unable to absorb the cost of credit card transaction.

Is the transaction secure?

We use PayPal to handle credit card payments. This method is the most widely used and is proven to be secure. During the process, you submit information through a secure channel to Paypal site and our web site will not see your information.

How to make a credit card payment?

Click the "My Order" -> "Make payment" (top left) will lead you to the payment page. You may also use this direct link: Make Payment Online.

When you press the "Credit Card Pay" button, you will be presented with a PayPal page that has the following information displayed:

Payment to: 	YWPW Services
Payment for: 	(your user ID, e.g. XYZ123456) 
Total Amount: 	$1.00 
PayPal you will be asked to enter your credit card billing information, or you may choose to login if you have a PayPal account. You do NOT need to open a PayPal account in order to pay with your credit card. At any stage, you have a chance to cancel or quit, if you are not sure. After you paid, you will get a confirmation email from PayPal, and this payment will be listed in your credit card statement as "YWPW Services" with your order ID as reference.

Please note: if your PayPal is linked to a bank account instead of a credit card, you still need to pay the transaction charge.

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