Pickup service for Chinese visa and authentication

Revised: 2017-08-12

If you submitted the application to Chinese Consulate in Houston or Chinese Embassy in Washington DC yourself, we can pickup for you and mail back to you when it is ready.

I. Basic information about pickup service

  1. Your application has been submitted to the Chinese consulate in Houston or Chinese Embassy in Washington DC by yourself or someone else.
  2. Our service fee is $35.00 per document, consulate fee is based on the type of document.
  3. You must submit an online order, check the box "pickup only" under the "Processing time", then put your pickup slip number in the "Note/comment" box. The fees will be calculated automatically when you submit.
  4. Shipping fee is calculated per order, i.e. you only pay one shipping fee even if you have multiple documents.
  5. If you want to know the total cost before submitting an order, please use Cost Calculator, which would include shipping cost.
  6. Please send us the original pickup slip (make a copy for yourself).
  7. Please see How to apply: Step by step procedures at bottom of our main index page for things you need to do and what we will do after you mail out the pickup slip.

II. Mailing address and payment

The mailing address and payment information are in the order confirmation page or order comfirmation email.

Payment must be cleared before we mail back your documents. So it is best to use credit card or money order.

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Shipping Tips

Always allow extra days for shipping.

USPS certified, registered, or signature confirmation are slow, usually takes 3-5 days.

Mail travels slower during holidays, and priority mail can take more than a week around Christmas.

Cushion Mailers get damaged frequently. Priority or Priority Mail Express envelopes, available free at post office or FedEx, offer better protection.

UPS Ground and FedEx Ground are not recommended for long distance -- envelopes frequently arrived damaged.