Sample authentications by Secretary of State and Chinese consulate

Modified: 2017-08-26

When you receive the authenticated documents back from YWPW Service, please check carefully if they are complete, and contact us immediately if there is any question.

Please note: the certification/authentication pages are binded together with your original document, and should not be separated. If you take them apart, the document becomes void.

I. Authentications by US governments

1. Secretary of State authentication

The Secretary of State authentication is usually printed on a special paper with security features, some with a gold emblem and embossing seal. There may also be serial number on the front or back page. The authentication page is usually stapled together with the original document, and may contain a back cover (e.g. GA, MS, LA), or binded by a rivet (OK).

Fig. 1 Florida Secretary of State authentication certificate

2. (Needed by states covered by Chinese Embassy in Washington DC only) US Department of State authentication

The authentication certificate is a yellow page with signature of assistant secretary and seal of the office. It is binded using a rivet.

Fig. 2 US Department of State authentication certificate

3. County clerk certification (most states do not need this step)

County certification page may be a whole page or half page, it usually signed by the officials in ink, and stapled together with the original document.

II. Chinese consulate authentication

There is no separate page for the Chinese consulate authentication. It is usually a sticker affixed onto the back of the last US authentication (Secretary of State at state level or US Department of State). Each certificate is numbered and there is a laser security feature.

Houston consular certificate
Fig. 3. Authentication sticker from the Chinese Consulate in Houston.
DC consular certificate
Fig. 4. Authentication sticker from the Chinese Embassy in Washington DC.

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