Authentication Application Form Download and Instructions

III. Instructions for authentication application form

If you read Chinese, you MUST go to the Chinese version -- it contains information specific to your group.

Please follow the instructions carefully, as the consulate requires original signatures (pen in hand signatures), if you did not follow the rules, you will have to re-do and mail to us!

  1. The authentication application form must be filled out on the computer and then print out (or filled out using a type writer) -- hand filled with a pen is not acceptable.
  2. Please use UPPER case letters only.
  3. Print options: "Page Scaling": select "Fit to Printable Area", then check "Auto Rotate and Center". Failure to follow these may results in delay of your application!
  4. Section 1: for personal/individual (regular) applications only. For business documents, please leave this section blank. If a field is not applicable (e.g. you have no home phone number), please put "N/A".
  5. Section 2: for business applications only. If you apply for authentication of personal documents, please leave this section blank. Please refer to the authentication page on who can serve as the "applicant" (legal representative).
  6. Section 3: check all that apply.
  7. Section 4: all applicants need to fill out. Write down what you intend to use the document for in China, e.g. setup business, open bank account, buy/sell property, apply for resident permit. For Destination of legalization, please put the city where you will be using the authenticated document.
  8. Section 5: Please list the documents to be submitted to consulate, e.g. "diploma, passport copy".
  9. Section 7 (Agent): leave blank unless otherwise told. We will fill out for you.
  10. Section 8: please sign and put the date here. Please note that there are two places for the applicant to sign.

IV. Questions and Answers

Question: Can I scan and email you the signed application form?

Answer: Currently not. The new form introduced in November 2017 requires original signatures with a pen in hand. We expect the consulate to enforce this rule very strictly, at least initially.

Question: I have multiple documents, do I need to attach an application form for each document?

Answer: No. No matter how many documents, as long as they all belong to the same applicant, you only need to provide one authentication application form.

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