Authentication Application Form Download and Instructions

III. Instructions for authentication application form

If you read Chinese, you MUST go to the Chinese version -- it contains information specific to your group.

  1. Authentication application form may be filled by hand with a pen, or fill out on the computer and then print out.
  2. Section 1: for personal/individual (regular) applications only. Please fill out top portion of section 1, do not fill out the agent part of section 1 (leave them blank). Please also skip section 2.
  3. Section 2: for business applications only. Fill this section in full, and leave section 1 blank. The "agent" in section 2 should be the applicant, usually the president/CEO, or anyone who can sign for the organizaition/business. In the "Relationship", put your job title, e.g. CEO, vice president, CFO, Director.
  4. Section 3: all applicants need to fill out. Lists the documents you want to authenticate.
  5. Section 4: all applicants need to fill out. Write down what you intend to use the document for in China, e.g. setup business, open bank account, buy/sell property, apply for resident permit.
  6. Section 5: skip, we will fill out for you.
  7. Section 6: please sign and put the date here.

IV. Questions and Answers

Question: I have multiple documents, do I need to attach an application form for each document?

Answer: No. No matter how many documents, as long as they all belong to the same applicant, you only need to provide one authentication application form.

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