Prepare a Prepaid Envelope for Return Shipping

Revised: 2017-08-28

You may either pay us for shipping documents back to you or supply a prepaid return envelope.

  • If you did not select "prepaid return envelope" option, you do not need to read this page.
  • Compared to our shipping offers, using a prepaid return envelope does not save money for most customers.

Please print and sign the Prepaid Return Envelope Selection and Release Form, and enclose in your mail. Thank you!

I. What carriers are accepted?

FedEx, UPS or US Postal Service. These carriers are selected primarily based on their reliability and locations.

II. Do you charge a handling fee for prepaid return envelope?

We charge a $2 handling fee ($8 for some USPS types, see Release Form; and $10 for international mail, see Shipping page).

III. Can you take my prepaid return envelope to the postmaster in person?

No, we could not afford to wait in line at the post office. We normally drop your mail into a collection box at post office, FedEx or UPS. We select collection boxes that are well attended and known to pick up on time.

IV. What service types do you accept?


  • Please use "Express" service, like FedEx Overnight, FedEx 2Day.
  • FedEx Ground Service is not acceptable.


  • We recommend "Express" service, but also accept "Ground" service.
  • If you use an "Express" envelope for "Ground" service, UPS may charge you the express delivery fee.

US Postal Service

  • We recommend "Express Mail", "Priority Mail", or "Priority Mail with signature confirmation".
  • We do not recommend certified mail, registered mail, or any other type that requires handing the mail to postmaster in person (e.g. packages > 13 oz). From time to time we encounter cases that such mails are not entered into USPS tracking system, causing troubles to customer and our agency alike. If you insist on using them, please note the terms and pay a $8 handling fee.
  • USPS letter mail is fine (also see next). Please use an envelope that is strong enough. Regular envelope may not be strong enough for mailing a passport!
  • By using a prepaid envelope USPS mail, you accept our electronic or paper record as sole proof of mailing and you will not hold us liable in case of loss during shipping.

Both FedEx and US Postal Service say that their overnight services are available for most cities. For certain cities, they may not be able to deliver the next day, even if you paid the rate for next day delivery. Although both services are very reliable and usually deliver on time, we have seen delays using both services. So always plan ahead and allow some extra time.


While mailing services are generally very reliable (US passports used to be sent to everyone through regular letter mail), but delays or even lost mails do happen from time to time. We will not be responsible for documents lost or delayed during the mailing process. However, we will provide you with tracking information.

Please print and sign the Prepaid Return Envelope Selection and Release Form, and enclose in your mail. Thank you!

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Shipping Tips

Always allow extra days for shipping.

USPS certified, registered, or signature confirmation are slow, usually takes 3-5 days.

Mail travels slower during holidays, and priority mail can take more than a week around Christmas.

Cushion Mailers get damaged frequently. Priority or Priority Mail Express envelopes, available free at post office or FedEx, offer better protection.

UPS Ground and FedEx Ground are not recommended for long distance -- envelopes frequently arrived damaged.