客户一般使用USPS Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express(便宜且比较可靠), FedEx, and UPS(贵一点但tracking更及时一些)。 也有一些客户使用普通邮件(first class letter mail),但我们不推荐。

邮局的certified或registered邮件可靠但慢一些。Priority Mail with signature confirmation也比没有签名的慢。如果时间紧时不建议使用。 请用Travel Planner计算从寄出申请到您收到办好的签证所需时间。


  1. 寄Priority Mail或Priority Mail Express的时候,建议使用邮局USPS提供的免费的专用信封不建议使用邮局出售的Cushion Mailer邮寄护照,因为容易破损。
  2. Certified, registered mail及signature confirmation比Priority Mail要慢一些,一般3-5天。
  3. Priority Mail要一周后邮局才帮助查询。
  4. 节假日邮件走的慢,Priority Mail圣诞节时要一周以上
  5. FedEx Priority Overnight与Standard Overnight一般没差别,但前者贵点。
  6. 如果距离超过300英里,请不要使用UPS和FedEx的Ground service,因为收到的信封经常破损!


回邮方式,我们建议使用FedEx,因其tracking系统比USPS的及时可靠。 当您的邮件通过FedEx扫描后,您几分钟内就将收到FedEx的email,远在我们送出update email之前。如果选用USPS,可能您第二天才看得到tracking信息。 另外,最近USPS延误事件明显增多,包括Priority Mail Express。

  • 本社提供数种选择(1) (FedEx and US Postal Services)。您付款给我们后,一切由我们处理,您不需要另外提供回邮信封。
  • 使用您自己提供的邮资已付信封 (FedEx, UPS or US Postal Service)。 请注意:
    1. 手续费$2-8, see prepaid envelope preparation guide for fees, restrictions;
    2. release form上签字;
    3. 一般来说,如果用FedEx,您自己提供邮资已付回邮信封比本社提供的相同选项要花更多钱。
    4. 您如果要比较价格,请注意我们寄出地邮政编码为77025或者20850。


Type 天数 费用 (1) Tracking (3)(4) 保险 周六投递 周日投递
FedEx Express Saver 2-3天 $15 $100
FedEx 2Day 2天 $23 $100
FedEx Overnight 1天 $33 $100
FedEx Overnight Saturday Delivery 1天 $53 $100
USPS Priority Mail 2-3天 $8.5 (但延时) $50
USPS Priority Mail
signature confirmation
2-3天 $12 (但延时) $50
USPS Priority Mail Express 1-2天(5) $27 (但延时) $100

(1) The shipping fees are based on shipping up to 10 passports per package for USPS Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express, 1 lb (16 oz) for FedEx 2Day and FedEx Express Saver, and 0.5 lb (8 oz) for FedEx Overnight. They apply only to 48 US continental states. For all other areas, or even within the 48 states, if the actual shipping cost is excessively higher than listed, you will pay the actual cost of shipping and we may not ship your documents back before payment is received.

FedEx Overnight is Standard Overnight which usually delivers by 3 pm. FedEx Priority Overnight and Saturday Delivery cost about $5 and $20 more, respectively.

(2) Both FedEx and US Postal Service say that their overnight services are available for most cities. For certain cities, they may not be able to deliver the next day, even if you paid the rate for next day delivery. Although both services are very reliable and usually delivery on time, we have seen delays using both services. So always plan ahead and allow some extra time.

(3) For USPS priority mail, the 2-3 days delivery time is for most areas. During holidays, it can take a week or more (just like regular mail).

(4) Tracking information for FedEx is usually available 2-3 hours after pickup (about 7:30pm). For USPS Priority Mail Express, the tracking information is often not available until next morning. If you tend to worry about your package, please select FedEx.

(5) USPS Priority Mail Express usually arrives the next day, but may take an extra day to some smaller cities away from a major city.

(6) Puerto Rico: The cost of shipping for US postal service is the same, but is much higher for FedEx.

USPS Priority Mail

Priority Mail offers 2-3 day service to most domestic destinations. It delivers on Saturdays but not on holidays. It comes with tracking and $50 insurance. Please note, post office will accept inquries only one week after shipment, so do not choose this method of shipping if you are close to your travel date.

USPS Priority Mail Express

Priority Mail Express, also known as Express Mail before August 2013, offers overnight service to many destinations, but may take 2 business days to some small towns away from big cities, regardless of distance. Priority Mail Express is delivered to many locations Monday to Saturday. Priority Mail Express provides tracking and insurance up to $100 at no additional cost.

FedEx Overnight, 2Day and Express Saver

FedEx services provide online tracking, but usually do not deliver on weekends or holidays.

The pricing for FedEx is complex and depends on distance, and it has additional fees for residential delivery, weekend delivery. Our fees are set for typical distances. You are welcome to include a prepaid FedEx envelope for mailing back your documents.


(Document only, no passport/visa) Shipping to overseas is expensive and the time varies. It also includes a lot of extra work for us. We offer the following options to Hong Kong and mainland China (16 oz or less):

  • FedEx International Priority $65 (3-5 days, extra if over 0.5 lb)
  • 邮局国际特快邮件(USPS Priority Mail Express International, EMS) $65 (3-5 days)
  • 根据我们的经验,EMS一般4-5天,FedEx一般3-4天。这可能与FedEx只投递到大城市有关。虽然EMS与FedEx都会不时有延误的情况,但从2014年11月起,EMS延误7-10天的情况频繁出现,往往EMS在美国这边刚出海关FedEx在中国已经投递了。鉴于此,不管您选的是什么,我们都将优先选用FedEx,如果不在FedEx投递范围,或者费用特别贵但您不愿付额外费用,我们将用USPS。



While mailing services are generally very reliable (US passports used to be sent to everyone through regular letter mail), but delays or even lost mails do happen from time to time. We will not be responsible for documents lost or delayed during the mailing process. However, we will provide you with tracking information.


我们的首要目标是让客户满意。 请看客户对我们服务的评价