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Last modified on 2011/06/26

I am a US citizen, and just got my new Australian passport, how may I apply visa?

You may use your Australian passport to apply for visa if and only if your Australian passport have a stamp showing that you entered US legally. Because US does not officially recognize dual citizenship, your US passport may not be used as evidence supporting your application.

If you enter China using your Australian passport, you are not entitled the protection of a US citizen.

My daughter was born in US, but we are now living in Beijing. She wants to come to US for a visit, how can she get back to China? According to the conditions listed on web site, we can not provide evidence required for both the travel certificate or visa.

Your daughter may apply for an exit/entry permit in China, which would allow her to come to US and then get back to China. Ask your local police department for detailed documents needed to get such a permit.

We are planning to go to China in October. Also we are going to Hongkong. Do I need double entry?

If you go to Hong Kong first, then enter mainland China and back to Hong Kong, you only need one entry.

If you go to mainland China first, enter Hong Kong, then back to mainland China, you need double entry visa.

We advise that you apply for multiple entry visa, as the costs are the same for US citizens.

I am a US citien and interested in applying a single entry Chinese L visa with 6-month stay. I understand that they usually allow 2-month stay for a single entry L visa. Can I ask for 6-month stay with no special documents?

L visa is intended for short term visit. The consulate does issue single entry visa with 180-day stay in China, but mainly to American Born Chinese.

In general, the consulate does not issue visa with more than 60-day stay in China (each entry) to anyone without a Chinese family tie. However, if you have a good reason to stay longer, and you include a brief note (need not to be formal), your request will be granted. Even if you don't get it, you may still extend it inside China at local police station.

I am a Chinese citizen. I went to Houston to have my passport changed. However, I do not want to drive to Houston again. I wonder if you could help me pick up and mail it to me and I will pay service fee.

Yes, we can pick it up for you. You need to send us the original pick up slip (make a copy for yourself). You may use our online order form to enter you mailing address and select a service. Make any adjustments neccessary in the calculated total payments. This online form help us track your order and communicate with you.

I teach English as a second language and would like to do this in China. I plan to leave for Shanghai in July, spend 6 weeks travelling the country, then find work teaching English. So how can I obtain documents needed to apply for work visa?

You can not apply for a work visa right now, because you need to first find one would hire you and get the required form to you. The form is the proof that somebody is going to hire you and obtained approval from government agency.

You may however, apply for tourist visa to go to China. You may find a job inside China, then they will help you change to a work visa inside China.

I need to have following documents authenticated by the Consulate General of China in Houston. Our company is registered in Texas.
  1. Certificate of Formation For-profit Corporation. I got it from the Office of the Secratory of State of Texas. But it's a PDF version and I have a public notary notarized it. Is that good enough?
  2. Certificate of Account Status. I ordered it from the Comptroller's Office. It has a gold seal on it. Is that good enough? Do I need to notarize it?
  3. Bank Letter, attesting to sound banking relationship and account status of the company. Do I notarize it?
  4. 委托书. Do I need to sign it before a public notary?

The general rule is that everything must go through the Secratory of State (OSS) to have special page attached to the document. The consulate only certifies that the seal of the secratory of state is true. Here are the details:

  1. No. You need to mail it back to the Office of Secratory of State (OSS), and a special page will be added to it to make it acceptable for use in foreign countries.
  2. No. See above.
  3. Yes, you need to notarize it and go through OSS.
  4. Yes, the same procedure as other documents. If you are holding a Chinese passport and the content is in Chinese, you have the option of going to the consulate and sign there directly.

I have a question on the duration of stay for a double visa. On your website, it says "The duration of stay of a "L" visa is 30 days, which means the holder of the visa may stay in China for up to 30 days from the date of entry." Does this mean the total duration should be less than 30 days? Or, for one entry?

First, you can request longer than 30 days and it is usually granted. Secondly, the limit is for one entry. The double visa is valid for 6 month. That means if the visa is issued on Feb. 1, and you go to China and back, then enter China on July 25, you can still stay there until Oct. 25 (assuming your duration of stay is 3 months).

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You may use self-taken pictures for visa application (please print at photo stores), see visa photo requirement.

For US citizens, a 1-year multiple visa is as easy to get as a single visa, and costs the same.

Frequent travelers, please make sure you have at least one blank visa page.

You may make a single payment to us for consular fee, service fee and shipping.

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